How to Export FlashBack FBR Recording To MP4 & MKV

What is FlashBack Express?

Flashback is a free screen record which promises high quality video for demos and tutorials. It allows to capture anything on your PC screen and even upload the exported video file to YouTube. From our experience, it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is open the software, mark the area you would like to record and click the recording button. Once the recording will be completed, you can export the file to either AVI or SWF video files.

FlashBack Supported Formats

FlashBack Express provides the ability to export to AVI or SWF video formats. For further formats, they offer their paid plan, which allows to export to WMV and QuickTime. We do not recommend to export to these video formats though, as the quality vs compression ratio isn’t very well, so you’ll either get a small file with low quality, or a large video file with good quality.

Tip: Do not click here if your video files are super small !

How to export or convert FlashBack FBR to MP4 / MKV?

Most flashback users run into one of the following cases:

  1. You saved an FBR file and can’t seem to get an MP4 file out of it, to upload to YouTube of watch on your favorite device.
    *** A file with the FBR file extension is a FlashBack Screen Recording file, sometimes called a FlashBack Movie file, used to store video recordings of a computer screen.
  2. You exported a flashback recording to either AVI or SWF files and now want to somehow export / convert those to an MP4 / MKV file.

To convert a Flashback recording to a different format, please follow these steps and you’ll be able to convert the video file in a matter of minutes:

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  1. Download and install VIP Video Converter.
  2. Open VIP Video Converter. At the top menu, please choose the file format you would want to convert to. Our humble recommendation is to use MP4, as it’s one of the most popular video formats on the market. Using it will allow you to share and upload this video file to practically any software / online website such as YouTube.
  3. Click “Add Files” and choose the video file you would like to convert.
  4. Click Convert and once the conversion is done, you’ll find your converted video file in the output directory.

If you’re looking for a video converter that will allow you to convert more than 200 video and audio formats, easily and quickly, please consider our award winning premium video converter, VIP Video Converter. You can try it out for free. We hope you’ll like it the same way we do 🙂

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