How to Import AVI / MP4 to Audacity Audio Editor?

Why Audacity Can’t Import AVI / MKV / FLV / MP4 Video Files?

Let us guess – you downloaded Audacity audio converter, which is one of the popular editors, and tried to import your video file. You expected it to extract the audio and let you start editing, but you received the following error:

<File_path> is a video file. Audacity cannot currently open this type of file. You need to extract the audio to a supported format, such as WAV or AIFF.

So if that’s the case, let us help you. Read on below please and we promise to provide all the information you need.

What is Audacity Audio Editor?

Audacity is a very popular free open source audio editor. It allows to both record and edit audio tracks, and even mixing entire albums.

Also, it provides the following important features: audio normalization, trimming, effects such as fading in and out.

Wavosaur Audio Editor Supported Formats

Audacity supports the following audio formats for importing audio tracks and export them after editing or recording: WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AMR, AC3.

Please note that none of the above are video formats. In case you want to import the audio from a video file and edit it, Audacity won’t be able to do that job. They are guiding their users to extract the audio with a different software and then import it to Audacity.

How can I Import MP4 / AVI / FLV / MKV to Audacity Audio Editor?

As mentioned above, Audacity can only work with audio formats.

Therefore, you should follow these steps to extract the audio from your video files:

  1. Download and install VIP Video Converter.
  2. Open the software and choose the audio format you would like to convert to. We recommend to convert to MP3, which is one of the most popular audio formats on the market.
  3. Click “Add Files” and choose the video file you would like to extract audio from.
  4. Click Convert and once the conversion is done, you’ll find your converted audio track at the output directory.

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