How to Import Video & Audio To FruityLoops Studio (MP4, MP3 and more)

What is FruityLoops Studio?

FL Studio is a music production software, allowing you to create and control every small part of your audio tracks. FruityLoops Studio will allow you to easily compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

For most music creators, FruityLoops is considered significantly easier to use than its competitors (such as Cubase). Therefore, we would recommend it for both beginners and professionals.

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What’s special about Fruity Loops vs Cubase?

Fruity Loops users are reporting that the product is powerful and time saving. It’s Quantize feature can automatically tighten MIDI inputs. It has a great summing engine, which is responsible for processing tracks and combining the output audio track. It has a large (12 in total) selection of time stretching methods. It allows changing a pattern in one place to effect each instance of it. The product allows to batch export specific audio tracks in one pass. It has built in support for MIDI editing, chord tracks and other great features.

Why can’t I import an MP3 or video file to FruityLoops?

One of the first challenges one can run into when starting to use FruityLoops is the initial track to start editing. The list of supported formats (which practically contains only WAV, MIDI files) is very short, and doesn’t leave a lot of room for being dynamic and working with different audio and video sources. For example, importing MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, MKV, AVI and other popular video and audio formats isn’t possible without any further actions.

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In order to overcome this obstacle, our recommendations would be to first convert your input video / audio to one of the supported formats (WAV / MIDI). It can be done easily using VIP Video Converter:

  1. Download and install VIP Video Converter.
  2. Once you installed and opened VIP Video Converter, choose the Audio Formats tab and WAV or MIDI as the format to convert to. If you’re not sure which of them to choose, you can read about the difference between them here
  3. Click Add Files and choose the video or audio file that you would like import to Fruity Loops. Few examples of formats you can import: MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, FLV, MKV, WEBM, MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, AC3, MP2, AIFF, AU, RA, FLAC, MKA, M4A.
  4. Click Start Converting. The conversion will begin.
  5. Once the conversion is done, you’re ready to import the audio track to FL Studio 12 (Fruity Loops Studio).
  6. Open FruityLoops Studio, click File => Import and choose the input format of the track you would like to import. You’re done. 

If you’re looking for a video converter that will allow you to convert more than 200 video and audio formats, easily and quickly, please consider our award winning premium video converter, VIP Video Converter. You can try it out for free. We hope you’ll like it the same way we do 🙂

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