Play Video TS on Samsung / LG / Sony TV from USB / External Drive

What is the video_ts folder?

The video_ts folder is actually a standard folder in DVD discs, which contains all files required to play the DVD content. In most cases, it will include an IFO, BUP and a VOB file. Your main focus should be on the VOB file, because that is the file that contains both audio and video content for your video / movie.

Why my Samsung smart TV doesn’t play video_ts?

Samsung smart TVs, as many other popular smart TVs, doesn’t support all kinds of video formats. More specifically, it only supports these video formats and codecs.

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You now might be wondering one of two things:

  1. So how do I get my video file to the correct and supported video and audio formats?
  2. Or, you may be wondering – my video is already in a supported format, but it doesn’t work anyway.

Well, playing a video file isn’t a simple task. The device (the TV) should be able to read both the video & audio format, but also the video and audio compression codecs. In most cases, when you have a video file that is in the correct format, it’s probably compressed with an unsupported codec, which prevents the smart TV from being able to play it.

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So to solve both challenges mentioned below, we recommend to follow these few simple steps. The goal of these instructions is to convert the video file to a supported MP4 format, with a standard H.264 codec that can be played on almost any smart TV in the market.

  1. Download and install VIP Video Converter.
  2. Open the software, Choose MP4 as the output format at the top video formats menu.
  3. Choose “MP4 – Same Quality” as the output profile, which is a great video conversion profile because you won’t lose any video or audio quality. Please note that this output profile (which includes the MP4 format and H264 video codec) is already optimized to your Samsung Smart TV.
  4. Click Add Files and choose the video file that you would like to play on your Samsung TV.
  5. Click Start Converting. The conversion to a Samsung smart TV compatible format will begin.
  6. Once the conversion is done, you’re ready to copy the new converted video file to the USB drive or an external hard drive and play it on your TV.


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